A Supplemental Blue Green Algae Treatment Coming

In the spring of last year alum was applied around the lake at depths of 11.5’ or more.  At depths less than this, it was determined that boat traffic would disturb the sediment and disrupt the effect of the treatment.  Approximately 195 acres of this 365 acre lake was treated. Previous testing showed that the primary source of the nutrients that feed the cyanobacteria is in the sediment. Phosphorus has accumulated there for decades. Research also showed that the deepest levels of sediment are in the deepest parts of the lake.  Fortunately enough funds were provided for in the Dept. of Environmental Protection grant to allow for an additional treatment to be provided this spring in the deeper acreage of the lake that wasn’t treated originally.  Of course it still needs everyone to be good lake neighbors and keep phosphorus out of the lake.  Please click on the “Protect Your Lake” button on the home page to see what you can do.  Thank you.