Alum Grant Is Good To Go!

Dear Friends of Lake Attitash

Well done all!
Last night we filled Amesbury City Hall for the Conservation Commission meeting! Thank you! After waiting through torturous agenda items Lake Attitash’s Notice Of Intent (NOI) finally got discussed. It seems that a great deal of constructive work had gone on between Rob Desmarais (Amesbury DPW – lead person for the grant) and the Conservation Commission. The draft Order of Conditions (permit document) had been shared and discussed prior to the meeting. The Commission still had some questions focusing on protecting the lake, insisted that an independent monitor oversee the alum treatment process and also asked the City for a five year lake management plan.
So…congratulations all! This is a tremendous gift for our lake.
Next steps for LAA?
The alum treatment will take care of the nutrients that have accumulated in the sediment of the lake over the past 100 years!!
As part of the grant work LAA will be launching another community education program designed to change people’s behavior for the better re pet poop, fertilizer use and more. We must do everything we can to minimize the flow of nasty nutrients into the lake because that is what feeds the algae / cyanobacteria and creates the murky water and algae blooms that threaten our health and Amesbury’s water supply.  
Happy Spring!
Lake Attitash Association