Alum Grant permit meeting March 27 Merrimac Library – 7:00 pm

Dear Friends of Lake Attitash

The City of Amesbury, as you recall, was awarded the alum treatment grant. All is progressing as it should – so far!

Rob Desmarais, the head of Amesbury’s DPW is responsible for the grant and it is in his very capable hands.


He has to obtain permits from Merrimac and Amesbury in order to apply the alum treatment, provided by the grant next Spring.

He will present the “Notice of Intent” (NOI) first to the Merrimac Conservation Commission this coming Tuesday evening, March 27th.


Merrimac lake residents have already received a notice in the mail as this requires a public hearing.

The March 27 meeting is at the Merrimac Library and starts at 7:00 pm.


We do not expect any problems with the permitting in Merrimac but we do ask you to attend to demonstrate your support and interest.

Never take anything for granted! This is not a time to blink!! You do not have to be a Merrimac resident to attend.


Lake Attitash Association

(Yes, there will be a similar meeting in Amesbury soon. You will receive another message from us re the Amesbury meeting.)