Amesbury starts lowering Attitash on September 23

September 15, 2013 – The Amesbury Department of Public Works announced that it will start slowly a lowering the c?p water level in Lake Attitash on September 23 to its winter level of 95 feet above sea level. This is Effective about 2 feet lower than the current level, which was 96.8 on September 14.

Town Engineer Peter Manor explained that the lake is expected to drop to wholesale jerseys 95 by November 1, but achieving that target depends on the amount of rainfall during the upcoming weeks.

The lake is routinely cheap jerseys lowered in winter wholesale jerseys to 95 feet above sea level from its usual summer level of about 97. This reduces weed growth around the edges of the lake and provides more storage capacity to receive runoff from spring rain without flooding.