Attitash 2014 Winterfest draws 80 brave residents

February 16, 2014 – Despite constant snow showers, clouds and 30-degree temperatures, about 80 adults and children attended the Lake Attitash Winterfest yesterday afternoon at the state boat ramp in Merrimac.

Many Winterfest participants walked or glided on skis to reach the event over the snow-covered ice. The association president arrived on a dog sled, pulled more than a mile from the opposite shore in Amesbury by Siberian huskies named Laika and Herbie.

Hot chocolate and cider were served, along with hot dogs, pork loin, and a variety of dessert items provided by the association and participants. Many made their own s’mores on the cooking fire near the edge of the ice.

The children and adults took part in Frisbee throwing and ice fishing. While no large fish showed up for the event, nibbles on the bait kept the fish trap flags popping up and kept the kids rushing to see the possible catch.

A human dog sled race warmed up the racers in front of a cheering crowd, with four human huskies dragging each sled weighed down by young passengers. The blue team won the race, but the good natured orange team did not seem to mind. Afterward, several youngsters got rides on the real dog sled, pulled by the eager real-life huskies.

This was the first Winterfest conducted by the association in about 15 years. Poor weather and lack of ice has discouraged such activities almost every year since then.