Diver removing Attitash weeds on June 29

A diver will be removing invading milfoil weeds from Lake Attitash on Monday, June 29, using a method called diver assisted suction harvesting (“DASH”). A diver with an assistant on a small pontoon boat will remove weeds marked earlier by lake association volunteers in parts of Back River in the northwest corner of the lake and in a few locations along the Merrimac shore.

The work is being performed by AB Aquatics, Inc., of Henniker, NH. The company has been hired by the Lake Attitash Association to remove weeds on several days scheduled during this summer. The diver will harvest as many weeds as possible on June 29 but probably will need to return at later dates to remove more. Boaters and fishermen are requested to continue avoiding the many remaining 3-inch-long colored floats marking milfoil weeds.

When the milfoil plant is cut or broken, small pieces can float away and take root elsewhere in the lake. Eventually, this weed can take over large areas, making fishing and swimming unpleasant. The milfoil also crowds out beneficial native weeds, which are necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the lake for fish and other organisms.

The suction harvesting program starting Monday is intended to remove isolated milfoil plants before they have a chance to spread. Denser concentrations of plants have been found in other areas, but they may require chemical treatment later in the season. The association board believes the suction harvesting method being used Monday is not cost-effective for dealing with heavily infested areas.