Earth Day & a Reminder to Join or Renew Your LAA Membership

Dear friends and neighbors, April 22 is Earth Day! LAA is launching a membership drive. Help protect your favorite piece of the earth and join or renew your membership.

Less than 100 of the 300 individuals and families who live around the lake pay dues each year.

LAA was formed in 1993 with the goal of improving and maintaining water quality in Lake Attitash. Many residents have noted that the water has been especially clear this past summer, however, that was not always the case. Our lake has seen an incredible improvement in its health in recent years. Over the past 28 years, LAA has worked tirelessly to win grants, analyze water quality, partner with local officials, manage invasive weeds, fight for policy changes, initiate programs to monitor boats at the boat ramp, coordinate a “Weed Watcher” program to identify and locate invasive plants, and promote the ‘Lake Smart’ education of lake residents. While surrounding lakes and watersheds were clogged with weeds and experienced cyanobacteria blooms and weeks of closure last summer, ours was clear and OPEN!

Who is LAA you ask? We are a group of your neighbors.  We are volunteers spanning all backgrounds, who dedicate our skills and time to keep our lake and watershed healthy for all of our residents and for future generations.  Without the work of this group of neighbors and friends, Lake Attitash would be choked with weeds like Meadowbrook and Tuxbury Ponds and frequently unsafe for swimming and boating because of harmful algae blooms.  

So why do we keep asking you for money? It’s because our Association relies 100% on membership, merchandising, and annual donations to keep us going.

It costs $25,000 a year to maintain the quality of the water in Lake Attitash.  Every dollar sent to LAA for membership offsets that amount.  That means that the Association has to conduct a fundraising drive each and every year to make up the deficit.  If everyone joined, the amount needed to be raised would be reduced to a more manageable number.  That’s why we all need to join or renew our memberships now. 

Don’t thank us.  Become a member, and thank yourself!

To join or renew your membership, CLICK HERE

What else can you do?

Talk to your neighbors and ask them to support the Lake.  If every one of the 300 lake households or friends of Lake Attitash sent in their dues every year we could raise over $13,000.  That amount, along with donations and the money we make on merchandise and other efforts, could come close to covering our annual weed management expenses.

Just so you know where the money goes:

  • Invasive weed management ($26,000 for 2021)
  • Website, e-mail hosting and support
  • Insurance – Liability and Directors & Officers
  • Permits and document filing – annual invasive weed management permits from Merrimac and Amesbury Conservation
  • Commissions, raffle permit, tax filing
  • Water quality testing (UNH)
  • Legal fees – to assist with Amesbury Conservation Commission permits
  • Zoom teleconference fee
  • PO Box, stamps
  • Amesbury Chamber of Commerce membership

Once again, to join or renew your membership, please CLICK HERE. It’s quick. It’s easy.  And you’ll feel great by having made a difference.

Membership dues (Jan 1 – Dec 31)
Individual – $35
Family – $60
Senior (65+) – $20
Business – $100
Thank you