Floating weeds a nuisance but seem natural

Many residents have complained about weeds floating in clumps on Lake Attitash in recent weeks. Representatives of the company hired to treat invasive weeds in Attitash say they have seen these floating weeds in other lakes. They’re not directly related to the invasive milfoil weeds the association is attempting to control. The floating weeds are a native plant, but they are still a nuisance to boaters, swimmers and fishermen.

Marc Bellaud of Aquatic Control Technology says the floating weeds seem to be a species of thin-leaf pond weed (Potamogeton pusillus or something similar).  He reports seeing this weed “reaching problematic densities in several lakes this year,” and he theorizes that conditions might be just right this year for its growth. A lake managed by the company in New York state had a similar problem this year, but the weeds disappeared recently.

Let’s hope the same happens in Attitash.