Information on Safe Boating

It is time for summer fun! 

Let’s do what we can to be sure that we are safe and responsible boaters!

Even though the vast majority of boaters are great lake neighbors, every year the Lake Attitash Association receives calls and e-mails from lake residents who are unhappy because boats are going too fast, or too close to shorelines or endangering other boaters, swimmers or wildlife. 

Lake Attitash Association has no authority to enforce any laws. So….please look over the following excerpts from Massachusetts General Laws, Section 323, Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR). 
You will learn about the regulations governing safe boating and who to contact if problems occur.
Safe Speed and Distance Regulations: 

  1. Safe Speed depends on conditions at the time you are operating.  Conditions include:
  • Wind, water, visibility and current
  • Your boat’s maneuverability
  • How close you are to navigational hazards
  • On inland waters of the State, 45 miles per hour is the maximum allowed, unless posted otherwise
  1. Swimming Areas:
  • Operators are prohibited from operating to within 150 feet of shorelines used as swimming areas
  • Operators are prohibited from operating to within 75 feet of floats or markers that designate swimming areas.
  1. Headway Speed: defined as the maximum speed a vessel may be operated to maintain steerage way, but not to exceed 6 miles per hour.
  • Don’t operate your boat at more than 6 miles an hour / headway speed when within 150 to 300 feet of shorelines used as swimming areas.
  • Use headway speed within 150 feet of a marina, ramp, raft or float
  • Use headway speed within 150 feet of a swimmer
  • Come to headway speed when your vision is obscured by a bridge, a bend in the waterway or any other reason.
  • Use headway speed when operating in a channel, unless channel markers say higher speeds are allowed.
  • Make sure that your wake doesn’t rock other boats, docks, etc.  Your wake is considered a part of your boat, and you are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your wake.

Boating laws, including speeding boats, are enforced by the Environmental Police.   To report violations, please contact them at 800-632-8075 for 24 hour dispatch.  
For more information on Massachusetts Boating Law, contact
Lake Attitash Association