More invasive weeds found in Attitash – avoid colored floats

Typical invasive weed marker (can be any color).  Please keep away.

Typical invasive weed marker (can be any color). Please keep away.

Lake Attitash weed watchers have found more invasive milfoil weeds in the lake and are marking their locations with 6-inch-long colored floats. Boaters, skiers and fishermen are urged to keep away from areas marked with these floats to avoid disturbing the weeds. Most of the weeds have been found near the entrance to Back River and in the northwest corner of the lake.

When the milfoil plant is cut or broken, small pieces can float away and take root elsewhere in the lake. Eventually, this weed can take over large areas, making fishing and swimming unpleasant. The milfoil also crowds out beneficial native weeds, which are necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem in the lake for fish and other organisms.

The association spent about $60,000 in 2012 to eradicate milfoil plants in the lake. The money came from private donations and funding from the towns of Amesbury and Merrimac. In 2013, a smaller number of milfoil weeds were detected in the same area and removed. Some regrowth was anticipated, but monitoring and removing weeds as quickly as possible is expected to keep them in check. Treatment of an area called Turtle Cove is now in progress.

The association is making arrangements to remove the newly identified milfoil. Only trained persons should attempt to remove these weeds, since failure to use the proper techniques can cause further spread.