Lake Attitash June Alum Treatment & Closure Schedule


The City of Amesbury through its agent, SOLitude Lake Management, will begin treatment of Lake Attitash on Monday, June 8th.  The treatment should conclude on or about Thursday, June 11th.  SOLitude will be treating Lake Attitash with a solution of aluminum sulfate and sodium aluminate. Aluminum binds with phosphorous, one of the key nutrients that helps algae to thrive. By making the phosphorous unavailable as a nutrient, algae growth is reduced. This is being done to improve the water quality of Lake Attitash and reduce the likelihood of nuisance algae blooms.

SOLitude will bring equipment and supplies to the State Boat Ramp on Bisson Lane beginning on Thursday, June 4th.  The City asks that the Lake not be used, including no boating, swimming, or fishing, during the period of treatment, June 8th through June 13th.

Recreational use of Lake Attitash while the lake is being treated may reduce the efficiency of the treatment and may interfere with the work being done by SOLitude. Regular recreational use of the Pond will resume on June 13th.

This project is being conducted pursuant to Orders of Conditions issued by the Amesbury Conservation Commission (File #002-1204), Merrimac Conservation Commission (File #45-285) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Permit #WM04-0000171)

Anyone needing additional information should contact Amesbury Public Works at 978-388-8116.

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    City of Amesbury 

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