Merrimac approved the last $20,000!

Dear Friends of Lake Attitash,

On Monday 8 May at the Merrimac Annual Town meeting, the residents voted their strong support for committing an additional $20,000 to support an application for a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection s.319 grant on behalf of Lake Attitash.
The cost of the proposed grant project to reduce cyanobacteria / blue-green algae blooms in the lake (algae blooms make the lake look murky green and are a significan health hazard) is $600,000.
In order to apply we had to raise or get commitments for 40% of that amount – a cool $240,000!
We have done it! You are generous and wise!

  • LAA committed $50,000. We have raised $48,000 specifically for this grant since last Summer and donations continue to come in. $10,000 of this amount  was committed by a donor, who prefers to remain anonymous. Wonderful support from over 100 individuals and families! Thank you.
  • Amesbury has committed $126,666, all approved by their Finance Committee and City Council in April
  • Merrimac has committed a total of $63,270

The grant application is being completed by the City of Amesbury and  is due on June 2, 2017.  It is a competitive process and there are many environmental projects across the State competing for these funds. We will put forward a terrific proposal and hope we are successful.
We will know if we are successful in October of this year.
Wish us all good luck!