We have 2 gold mines here at Lake Attitash – Its residents and the lake.

The alum treatments to reduce the growth of cyanobacteria (blue green algae) which has plagued the lake for many years have been completed.  Monthly / quarterly newsletters were emailed to you on how to preserve the lake water quality. (Also posted to

During the last 5 years the LAA has been chugging along under the direction of a 15 person Board of Directors (LAABOD) to fundraise, garner governmental support, manage invasive weed growth, and monitor the process of the alum treatments.

You know the next step — we need you!


Our plan is to divide the residents around the lake into 8 neighborhoods and each neighborhood will have at least 1, and up to 3 neighborhood communications captain(s).  Each neighborhood captain will work individually and as a team member, to have the latest and greatest LAA information for any chat-fest that one will run into.

The neighborhoods are:

  • Merrimac:
    • West Shore Road and adjacent streets
    • Shore Road/Lane Ten Acres
    • Boat Ramp (includes all Merrimac & Amesbury streets west of Camp Bauercrest)
  • Amesbury:
    • 5th Street
    • Sandy Beach
    • Lake Attitash Road
    • Strathmere Club
    • Birches

The neighborhood communications captain role is to readily access the LAA website, talk with your neighbors, post notices occasionally on telephone poles, welcome new homeowners onto the lake and invite them to join the Lake Attitash Association. Relay any questions or concerns to the LAABOD.

Anyone who goes on to the LAA website to sign up and / or pay their annual dues will also see that there is a section asking people who are interested in working on one or more of the LAA programs listed, to contact the association at  The range of opportunities are so varied that almost anyone can find one to help out on or support in some way.

That is it.  If you would like to be a LAA neighborhood communications captain please contact Yvonne Bednarz,, or text 714-606-8719 with your interest. There will be periodic training sessions.  Only 1 session will be required, or more if interested, as new captains are trained. The neighborhood area assignments will be by each captain’s current neighborhood. (1 to 3)

This position is a not a seat on the LAA Board of Directors.  The Board periodically has an open seat and looks to have an open seat filled by an interested LAA member.

Thank you. 

Lake Attitash Association Board of Directors