New 2021 LAA T-Shirts Now Available

The new 2021 LAA T-Shirts are now here.  Get yours before they’re gone. These beautiful new shirts come in two styles:
“Navy Crew Neck” and “A More Fitted White V Neck”

Where can I buy mine?”  Glad you asked.

Right now there are lots of ways you can purchase these wonderful T-Shirts. 

Five Daughters Market on Rt 110 in Merrimac has them as well as many more Lake Attitash items you need.  Don’t forget to check out their new coffee bar and daily hot sandwich specials when you’re there.  

Trendsetters in downtown Amesbury.  They also have a line of LAA merchandise as well as those hard to find gifts you’ve been looking for.  Stop in and check them out.   

On July 4th LAA volunteers will be cruising around the lake from 11am to 3pm selling these new wonderful T-shirts, as well as other “LAA Merch” from a boat, What could make buying easier.  Right to your door. 

As Always, you can go to the LAA Website and purchase any or all of the great LAA items for sale there.  Please note the delivery or shipping fees to add if needed. 

Get your new T-shirts now and show off the new look for the summer.  Lake Attitash thanks you for your support and commitment to help keep the lake clean and safe.