No swimming in Attitash July 27 – invading weeds being treated

Swimming in Lake Attitash is prohibited on Monday, July 27, as a precaution while the lake is being treated to kill invading weeds. The Lake Attitash Association has hired Aquatic Control Technology of Sutton, MA, to apply an herbicide called diquat that day to areas of the lake heavily infested with milfoil weed.

While swimming is allowed again on July 28, the day after the treatment, the following additional restrictions apply:

  • Cooking with and drinking lake water: Prohibited from July 27 through July 30.
  • Using lake water for irrigation: Prohibited from July 27 through August 1.
  • Watering of livestock: Prohibited on July 27 and 28.

Diquat has been approved for use in Lake Attitash by the state and the conservation commissions of Amesbury and Merrimac. Questions about the treatment can be directed to Aquatic Control Technology at 508-865-1000.

Notices have been posted in neighborhoods around the lake by association volunteers.