Summer is Not Over!!!

Illumination Day is coming up September 3. The annual boat parade will begin at the State Boat Ramp area at 6:30 pm. Dress your boat with lights and decorations or come as you are. The more the merrier!

Plan a party and dress your house with lights too….looks wonderful in the evening.

We hope to be selling LAA tee shirts that day around the lake.

About the water level….

  • Amesbury stopped drawing down the lake for drinking water supply August 15. They are now drawing from Tuxbury Pond. They plan to resume drawing down from Amesbury at the end of August.

Weed treatment scheduled for Tuesday 23 August

  • Solitude Lake Management will be treating Back River and Turtle Cove to remove the milfoil and curly pondweed found there. Fortunately this year milfoil was not found in other locations. We are putting up signs all around the lake as required.
    • no swimming, fishing or boating 9/23 – 9/24
    • no irrigation (for those of you who had pumps using lake water) until 8/29
    • keep pets away because they drink the water until 8/25