The alum grant! May 7….one more time to stand up for the grant!

Dear Friends of Lake Attitash:


Before Amesbury can move forward with the grant (for the $600,000 alum treatment for Lake Attitash) they need permits from both Merrimac and Amesbury Conservation Commissions.


On March 27, Merrimac Conservation Commission approved Amesbury’s request (Notice of Intent).

On April 2 Amesbury Conservation Commission discussed the issue and “continued” the discussion to the next meeting – Monday 7 May.


Over 100 of you put your own money behind this effort. Without you we would not have gained the support of Merrimac and Amesbury.  Together we raised $250,000! The State Dept. of Environmental Protection awarded Amesbury the rest of the money.


It seems that we must show up at the next Amesbury Conservation Commission meeting on May 7 to ensure that this great effort goes forward as we had hoped. This is not just for cleaner and clearer water…it is to protect our health. Cyanobacteria blooms are a known health hazard and increasingly the research suggests links with neurological disease.



Amesbury City Hall

6:30 pm


The agenda is posted on the Amesbury Conservation Commission website. It is always a good idea to check the website for any last minutes changes.


See you there!