Local Wildlife Rehabilitators

While the Lake Attitash Association cannot help rehabilitate any wildlife, we recommend working with the following local wildlife rehabilitators. You can also visit Mass State Rehab Listings


Tufts Wildlife Center

Birds and animals
50 Willard Street, No. Grafton MA      

508-839-7918   wildlife.tufts.edu 
Clinic:  Monday-Friday 8-5 Saturday & Sunday 9-12

They accept injured birds and wildlife, and if they can be treated, they will provide first aid; the bird/animal will then be sent to a rehabber before being released into the wild.  Link wildlife.tufts.edu also provides advice on how to capture and crate injured wildlife.

Amesbury Animal Control Officer



Harold Condon

Cape Ann Wildlife, Inc.

Birds and Animals

Essex, MA
978-325-2501  Jodi Swenson


psychobirds@hotmail.com - Call, do not email or text with emergencies.

Provides necessary rehab care to all injured, orphaned or otherwise impaired wildlife during their confinement and adjustment period.  Works hard to ensure survival upon release back into their normal environment.
501(c)3 nonprofit

Center for Wildlife

Mountain Road Cape Neddick, ME

A wildlife medical clinic. The public can bring injured and orphaned wild animals found in the road, around their home, etc. Our work in the clinic and public programming are entirely donation based.

All wild birds - No turkeys from outside the state of Maine.
All amphibians and reptiles

The following mammals:
Bats*, Chipmunk, Moles/Voles, Opossum, Porcupine, Rabbit, Squirrel

​*No bats from outside the state of Maine


Animals only

Provides care for mammals including but not limited to raccoons, squirrels, cottontails, skunks, possums, chipmunks, fox, coyote, mice. They are not licensed to care for birds.

Injured animals are treated and orphaned animals are cared for until they are able to be released back into their natural habitat.
501(c)3 nonprofit

5 rehabbers work out of their homes:
     Chelmsford: Mary, 978-618-6814
     Billerica: Laurie, 978-337-4928
     Wilmington: Lisa, 617-529-6371
     Barre: Deanna, 781-570-1709
     Arlington: Joann, 781-799-4141

New England Wildlife Center

500 Columbian St, So. Weymouth 781-682-4878

We admit sick, injured and orphaned wildlife at the NEWC Wildlife Hospital, located at 500 Columbian Street in South Weymouth:

Monday through Friday
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

PLEASE CALL AHEAD! 781.682.4878

Please call BEFORE bringing a wild animal or bird to the hospital to make sure we are able to help you.

Spring and summer are the busiest times of year for our wildlife hospital!

Because there are so many wild babies and other wildlife in need of medical care, our “beds” fill up quickly. When the hospital is full, we cannot admit new wild patients until we have room available to provide care. This policy ensures that all of our patients are given the highest quality veterinary treatment and care.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

Chelmsford Animals only


978-413-4085 - Jane Seeker

Rehab services to injured, orphaned and otherwise compromised wildlife. Our facility provides rehabilitation services to injured, orphaned or otherwise compromised wildlife at no charge. These animals are given more than just a place to rest and recover. They have daily visits from a veterinarian, custom built cages to suite their individual needs, high quality meals and special training to give them the skills they will need in their transition back into the wild.

On the Wing

Birds only

47 Prescott Road, Epping NH

Injured birds receive 24/7 care
Partners with Veterinary Emergency & Surgery Hospital of Brentwood NH