1907 – Ice company borrows money for railway to Merrimack River

From the December 1907 issue of of Cold Storage and Ice Trade Journal:

“The Lake Attitash Ice & Transportation Company has given a mortgage for $225,000 in favor of the International Trust Company of Boston. It covers all the real, personal and mixed estate owned or to be acquired by the company, and it secures an issue of 6 per cent, bonds amounting to $225,000. Daniel H. Fowle, of Newburyport, has conveyed several parcels of land in Merrimac to the company. One measuring 160 by 820 feet is located near Lake Attitash, two containing buildings are on the River Road, and one containing buildings is on the main road to Amesbury.

“James E. Fowle has conveyed five lots of land in Attitash Park, in Merrimac, to the company. [Attitash Park includes land near today’s Attitash Ave., Lake Ave., Bisson Lane, and the state boat ramp in Merrimac.] The company has published a map showing its proposed railway between the lake and the Merrimac River, as well as the water route between its ice houses on the river and Boston.”