Boat Ramp Monitoring Program

Accept the “4 for the Lake” challenge!

The association is asking all residents to contribute 4 hours over each summer to help monitor boats at the public boat ramp in Merrimac. It’s the “4 for the Lake” challenge for our community, and it will provide the lake with excellent protection against re-infestation of weeds from other waterways.

Together we can work to prevent another infestation. Please ask your neighbors to help with the ramp monitoring program. To find out more or volunteer, please contact the association.

Boat ramp monitoring helps keep invasive weeds out.

The Lake Attitash Association has a boat and trailer monitoring and education program at the public boat ramp in Merrimac (location map). This program places volunteers at the ramp during busy periods to show boaters how to inspect their boats and trailers for weeds that can invade and take over the lake.


Lake Attitash has at least four invasive weed species

Lake Attitash already has at least four invasive weed species: Eurasian milfoil, variable milfoil, curly pondweed, and water chestnut. While association efforts are underway to control these harmful invaders, it’s critical to prevent more of them from entering the lake via boats and trailers.

If a volunteer approaches you at the ramp to discuss boat and trailer inspection, please be cooperative. The volunteers are trained to help you find and remove invasive weeds and show you how to do it yourself. It takes only a couple of minutes and can prevent Lake Attitash and other lakes you visit from becoming unusable.

You can help!

Help us protect the lake from invasive weeds by inspecting your own boat and trailer before launch and after retrieval. Remove all weeds you find on the boat, trailer and equipment, and then dispose of them far from the lake in your town’s composting facility, your own composting bin, or in household trash if the amount is small.

You can help even more by joining the “4 for the Lake” program and volunteering a few hours to help show boaters how to inspect their boats, trailers and equipment.

To find out more or to volunteer, email us today!