Weed Watcher Program

Protecting your investment

The Lake Attitash community successfully cleared the lake of invasive milfoil weeds in the summer of 2012, thanks to the efforts and financial support of community residents and the towns of Amesbury and Merrimac. Along with the Boat Ramp Monitoring Program, the Weed Watcher Program is necessary to protect that huge investment of time and money.

The program is an organized way to find and report new weed growth quickly, so it can be removed before it spreads and becomes another infestation. Individuals and teams inspect their assigned area of the lake each month, and any invading weed growth is immediately reported and documented so the association can take immediate steps to remove it.

Many volunteers have stepped up to become weed watchers. They receive training in weed identification and survey techniques, and the association has published a weed watcher handbook to help.

More volunteers are always needed and welcome. To join your currently active neighbors or to find out more, send us a message!.

Weed watching is a great reason to get out on the water in your boat, canoe, or kayak!

For information on identifying and managing invasive aquatic weeds in Lake Attitash, visit this link: Mass Aquatic Invasive Weeds. It's useful to know about these species, including those not currently in Lake Attitash, to stay ahead of potential invasions.