Protecting the Lake: Keep Your Shoreline Clean

We all love living on our lake. We have seen the benefits of the 2019/20 alum treatment. The alum settles on the sediment and seals the nutrients (mostly phosphorus) that have accumulated over many decades into the sediment in the deeper parts of the lake. This alum “blanket” will prevent those nutrients from getting into the water column and feeding the blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) which is a known threat to humans and animals when it blooms.

Between September and October, as the water level drops to its winter level of 95 feet above sea level, more and more of our shore line is exposed. PLEASE do yourself and Lake Attitash a big favor!

Take the opportunity to clean up the shore line.

Every day in the growing season lake plants are washing up on our shores. Rake up and remove the washed up weeds throughout the year.

In the Fall we see even more weeds washing ashore as these annual plants are dying off for the winter.

Why clean up your shoreline?

Decaying weeds add nutrients to the lake water. Excess nutrients cause algae blooms. When algae die, they sink to the bottom and decompose in a process that removes oxygen from the water. Fish and other aquatic life can’t exist in water with low dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

Sometimes we get trash from boaters washing ashore – fishing tackle, cans, plastic bottles. Mostly it is weeds, leaves and floating debris from around the lake.

It looks messy but more than that…it hurts the lake.

Debris along your shore line looks bad. Plastic bags, six pack rings, bottles, cigarette butts, cans, fishing line and gear washed into the lake can choke, suffocate or disable our swans, ducks, turtles and birds.

AND…..the leaves are falling too…falling on the lake and washing up on the shore.

You always take great care of your lawn…..don’t forget that your shore line needs to be cleared of leaves too. Decaying weeds and leaves leave a black residue on your shoreline. Those decaying plant materials add nutrients to the lake water. Don’t feed the algae… haul those leaves well out of the way!!! 

Lake Attitash Association invites you to contact us through our website if you are unable to clean your shoreline. We will do what we can to find you some assistance.